Before and After

Finished off with luxurious crystal knobs.



For Sale £35. 56x51cm x 50cm high. £35

After. For Sale £35. 56x51cm x 50cm high. £35

Before and after. legs of table are Chateau Grey. £35







Dark wood office chair.

Before…Dark wood office chair.


After. Crystal Knobs complete this piece painted in shades of Graphite. For a client.


After. Finished in Country Grey over Chateau Grey. SOLD

Here are just a few photographs showing items before, and after. I often have a varied selection of furniture waiting to be painted. Give me a call if there is something in particular that you are looking for, I may have it waiting  for you, if I don’t have it in stock I have a variety of places that i source my furniture so can often find that specific item in no time at all.




Transformed. For a client.Tired pine bedside cabinets.

Before…Transformed for a client.Tired pine bedside cabinets.


After…finished in shades of Graphite